Missing P.E.O.!!!

Missing P.E.O.
I love to go to P.E.O.
And see each “sister’s” smile.
But now we’re all to stay at home.
No meetings for awhile.

I used to dress, put make-up on,
And fix my hair just so.
I’d get the things that I would need
And go to P.E.O.

But now I don’t dress up at all.
I wear old jeans all day.
My spouse and I just stay at home.
They say it’s best that way.

I’ve tried to clean a drawer or two,
And toss things I don’t need.
But after just a little while,
I’d get a book and read.

I hope things soon will settle down,
And we’ll be virus free.
‘Twill be a time to celebrate.
On that we ALL agree !

Our lives are changing day by day.
There’s so much I don’t know.
But one thing that I know for sure.
I miss my  P.E.O.

Darlene Lowe
Chapter L, Loveland, CO
(permission granted to share)